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Guide to Choosing

Here are some helpful tips to consider when soliciting quotes from a contractor:

Be Aware When Choosing a Contractor who...

  • Refuses to give you a certificate of insurance, which should include liability and worker's compensation, and a copy of their license and contractor number.

    Illegal contractors try to get around this expense by hiring outsiders to perform work for their company, and aren't necessarily insured by anyone. Be sure all workers on your site are on the company's payroll, and have licenses and insurance.
  • Pops up out of nowhere, literally. You can't verify any of their references or that they even have a fixed business address.
  • Rubs you the wrong way. Trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right about the person, then it probably isn't.
  • Is so eager to get things started that technicalities get brushed away - but not the fee. They will say you don't need to sign a contract, and try to get you to pay for the project or a portion of the project upfront without a contract.
  • Asks you to write a check directly to them for products, such as paint, cabinets, windows, etc. instead of to the company supplying the products.
  • Uses scare tactics to get you to sign-off on extras. Your walls won't crumble because you didn't get that ultra expensive siding.

Generally select a contractor who knows his field, is notably professional, and is helpful in directing you to making a comfortable decision on getting a well-constructed project. This is where you will get value, and be pleased with the way your project performs for years to come.

If you are skeptical of a contractor or workers on your site, call the Contractors Registration Board @ 401-222-1268 or contact them online at www.crb.ri.gov.

Remember, a low price usually ends up in poor quality work and craftsmanship.


Red Flag for New Home Buyers…

  • Any work done right before the sale of a home could be the result of disguising or masking a compromised situation.
  • Why would people be putting a top dollar project on a home they are leaving?
  • We come and review your potential home, before you sign on the dotted line.